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Engineered for performance

Our design and engineering process focuses on excellence in three core areas: Distribution, Actual Use, and Appearance. Distribution covers everything to do with manufacturing and getting the product to you, the rider. Actual Use means we are focused on building a product that is highly convenient for all riders to use and maintain. You should not have to change how you ride to use our product. Finally, Appearance ensures that we channel the utility of the product into a sleek and stylish form factor. 

Tested for the road

We've stress tested our prototypes thoroughly within our team and with real riders to make sure the entire product is fit for the road. The RainRunner has stood in a hurricane, navigated through bumper to bumper traffic, and remained cool under the hottest summer sun. Our soft-top's most unique feature is a flexible frame that flexes to absorb and deflect high wind pressure. This allows the top to dynamically adjust to weather conditions.

Sketched to inspire

Putting pen to paper and sketching out explorative forms is a major part of how we get inspired. A blank canvas offers no limitations, no boundaries. And that's how we like to approach our work initially, by discovering all possibilities of an idea. We have locked ourselves in conference rooms many times and papered the walls with ideas for our products. Sketching, combined with prototyping, is how we are sure that the ideas we pursue are high value and worthwhile.