For motorcycle riders in India who commute daily, we created a helpful new accessory to provide cover from rain, wind, and sun. Challenge the weather.




A portable, lightweight riding canopy that covers motorcycle riders from rain. Collapsible, detachable, and features instant deployment for quick cover from weather. Older riders will enjoy increased comfort for the family. Younger riders will embrace the stylish design and privacy.  

Product Overview 

Built by our hands

We are a group of designers, engineers, researchers and leaders brought together by our friendship and love of creating new products and businesses. We engineered our product in-house using a design driven, iterative process. 

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Inspired by your journey

During monsoon season in India we see daily riders wait under overpasses, trees, and storefront awnings. We see outfits and bags get soaked. Massive inefficiencies arise from motorcycles kept at standstill by rain.

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